The Survival of Bacardi

Survival instincts are something that has been ingrained in our brains since we were born. Everyday we are trying to survive something whether it is an issue that is big or small. Human survival instincts are natural, but how does those survival instincts tie into a successful business that is already thriving?

As I have talked about beforehand in past blogs, Bacardi has been a very successful company. They started out as a small distillery and have turned their rum into a sensation that is wanted across the world. They have come up with many different techniques on how to advertise and how to connect with their consumers, but what is next for this company? For Bacardi to survive they must come up with different flavors and ideas that will interest the public as well as advertising for their old and popular flavors. Lucky for them, alcohol will always be something that the public will want to purchase. They just have to keep advertising and staying on top with the new upcoming social media trends. They must also stay on top of technology as it is growing rapidly and changing the game for everyone.

Although Bacardi needs to stay on top of the new upcoming trends, it has already been a company that knows how to survive. Bacardi is the type of company that is very close knit and family oriented. As a family company, they have survived earthquakes, prohibition, exile, and fires that have been a set back for the company especially when they first started. So how will Bacardi survive? By doing exactly what they have been doing since the company first started, making great rum.
bacardi family


Bacardi Involvement with Crisis Situations

bacardi safe drinking ad

We go through life wondering when a crisis will happen and if we will be prepared. I have already had some crisis situations in my life just like any business industry would have, although they can be somewhat different. As I have been talking a lot about Bacardi, I really want to focus on crisis situations involved with Bacardi and how a company that is so successful should handle such crises.

Since Bacardi is a producer of alcohol, you can the responsibilities the company holds by allowing people to drink their product. I know by experience that going out on the weekends there are some compromised actions that a person can make while intoxicated, I have seen it personally. But what exactly does Bacardi do to handle such issues?

Bacardi has established a responsibility that is comprised of five pillars, which are Marketplace, Environment and Health Safety, Responsible Sourcing, People, and Philanthropy and Community Involvement. What Bacardi really tries to emphasis is drinking responsibility. We have all seen advertisements about drinking and driving and making smart decisions, which creates a crisis for an alcohol company and selling their products. Instead of competing with the advertisements, Bacardi has decided to make it their responsibility to promote and help responsibility while consuming their rum. They are helping other organizations that are committed to reducing alcohol-related harm.

Bacardi handle’s their crises in a very calm matter since alcohol consumption issues are a daily problem in today’s society. Bacardi is also very strong in their social media use. With that being said, they can use the community they have built through social media and use that to their advantage when a crisis happens with their product. They will engage communication, restore confidence with the public, and evaluate and learn from the crisis.


Bacardi’s Breezer Teezer Social Campaign

As I wake up every morning I reach for my phone to turn my alarm off to head to class. While turning off my alarm, I usually lay in bed for a little bit to wake up. While waking up I check Facebook and Twitter before getting ready for the day. Social Media is so important in our lives today because it can be the first thing we see as we wake up and the last thing we look at before falling asleep. Lately I have been talking about the brand Bacardi. What I want to explore now is how Bacardi uses their social media into every ones daily life.

Social Media is so important to Bacardi because the use of their product is used in social settings. Whether you are out with your friends on a Friday night or having a drink with family, Bacardi wants everyone to choose their rum. A new campaign has begun for Bacardi’s new drink called a Breezer. They call the campaign Breezer teaser and I found it on YouTube. They mainly used a Facebook page, YouTube and commercials to lead them to the Facebook page. On the Facebook page anyone can submit a teaser scenario video to act out and fibacardi breezerlm that could be used for their next campaign. People will vote for their favorite videos on an online gallery that they provide.

What this campaign really does is it gives their customers a chance to really be a part of something big. It’s a competition that gets people interested in their new Breezer product and gives them a reason to check their Facebook page and gain likes on Facebook. People can even share the videos on Facebook or Twitter giving them a great and fun experience.

Bacardi’s one of a kind campaign


When I wrote my last post I wanted to give everyone a sense of background about Bacardi and how it originally started. To continue with my blog assignment for my communications class, I want to discuss some more topics and really dig deep into this iconic brand of Bacardi. For me, I know exactly what its like to start with something small and then have it become into something larger and that is exactly what Bacardi did.

They first started out as this small company in Cuba with only one kind of rum to a rum company that has 200 different brands in over 150 different countries around the world. The different flavors they provide make it an awesome experience to make some fun mixed drinks with your friends. What makes this product so special is the logo. The Bacardi bat is what really sells their product because it is a symbol of health, good fortune, and a family unity that is known and recognized brands in the spirits industry.

What Bacardi does is tie together their family history into their advertising campaigns. In 2013 they came out with an ad that says, “Some men are kicked out of bars, others are kicked out of countries.” With this ad it talks about the difficulties that this family business had to go through to be successful such as being exiled from Cuba. Another ad says, “Earthquakes, fires, exile, prohibition, sorry fate – you picked the wrong family.” This is a very direct message saying that Bacardi is proud of the trials it has gone through and is aiming towards an age where people begin their trials. Bacardi wants people to see this ad and know that they can overcome obstacles just like Bacardi did with their company.


Bacardi – from a small distillery to becoming a best-selling rum

Bacardi 2010

Being a college student, when Bacardi comes to my mind I automatically think about the weekends and going out to the bars with friends. As a communication arts major my teacher has assigned our class to each pick a iconic brand that is interesting to us and that is packed full of history. I did not really know what to choose and was a little nervous when told I had to blog about my research that I have found about Bacardi.

Bacardi first started in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. With 3,500 pesos, he bought a small distillery in Santiago, Cuba. This distillery was only a small tin-roofed building. Looking at a Bacardi bottle, you will notice how their logo is of a bat. When the distillery was purchased it was found that is was also a home to fruit bats. These bats lived up into the rafters. While trying to make rum his wife, Dona Amalia suggested to use the Bat Device for his symbol on the bottles. His creation was known as el Ron Del Murcielago, which in English means the rum of the bat. Over time, this rum became award winning.

This brand is iconic because it has been around for so long and is still successful today. This makes it such a worthy subject to study about. They started this small distillery in Cuba and made it into a successful business that is thriving. With the brand there can be some controversial issues related to the use of alcohol, but the company has some values that they like to use such as Trust, Caring, Passion, and Excellence. They convey these values through the people who work for their company. The company believes in having outstanding people delivering excellent results.